What is the difference between Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security?

Ethical hacking is a type of security testing that involves using similar methods and tools as malicious hackers to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. However, the goal of ethical hacking is to find these weaknesses before they can be exploited for harmful purposes, so that appropriate measures can be taken to secure the system against potential attacks.
Cybersecurity refers to the measures taken to protect computer systems and networks from unauthorized access, theft, damage or disruption. This can include implementing firewalls, encrypting data transmissions, monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity and training employees on safe Internet practices. Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of modern-day business operations as it helps ensure that sensitive information remains confidential and secure from cyber.
ETHICAL HACKING: Ethical Hacking is the legal practise of bypassing system security to detect any potential data threat. Ethical Hackers look closely at systems to identify any vulnerabilities that malicious hackers might exploit.
CYBER SECURITY: Cybersecurity is the practise or a process created to protect network computers and data from unauthorized access or malicious attacks.



The purpose of Ethical Hacking is to find vulnerabilities in the system and report it to the owner
It deals with protecting data andthe system from malicious activitiesby recognizing and resolving all security issues
The focus is on how to attack the system
The focus is on how to protect the system
Ethical Hacking is part of Cyber Security which take use of security techniques
Cyber Security is a broad term that includes various security techniques
Ethical Hacking is on the offensive side.
Cyber Security is on the defensive side.
It is responsible for making reports on ‘how the hack was performed’
It is responsible for developing access privileges for a system.
It exploits the weaknesses or performs penetration testing to identify weaknesses
It identifies issues and protects the system from security violations.
Regular testing on the system is done to discover flaws present in it and to resolve those issues.
Regular maintenance is done in Cyber Security to ensure that the security system is updated.
After understanding the roles of a Cyber Security expert and an Ethical Hacker, youcan say that their objective to protect the system might be the same, but they usedifferent methods for doing it