What is OWASP in Cyber Security?

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving software security. It operates globally and provides resources, tools, and knowledge to help individuals and organizations develop, deploy, and maintain secure web applications.

OWASP offers a wide range of freely available resources


Community Collaboration: OWASP operates as a collaborative community of cybersecurity professionals, developers, and organizations worldwide. It fosters collaboration through projects, events, and initiatives aimed at addressing web application security challenges.
Education and Awareness: OWASP promotes awareness and education about web application security risks, vulnerabilities, and best practices. It offers documentation, guides, training materials, and events to help individuals and organizations improve their understanding of security issues and mitigation strategies.
Project Portfolio: OWASP manages a diverse portfolio of projects focused on various aspects of web application security. These projects include the OWASP Top Ten, which lists the top ten most critical security risks facing web applications, as well as numerous tools, libraries, and resources designed to assist developers in building secure software.
Industry Standards and Guidelines: OWASP contributes to the development of industry standards, guidelines, and best practices related to web application security. It collaborates with other organizations, industry experts, and government agencies to promote the adoption of security standards and improve the overall security posture of software development practices.
Advocacy and Research: OWASP advocates for improved security practices, regulations, and policies in the software industry. It conducts research, publishes reports, and engages with policymakers and stakeholders to raise awareness about web application security issues and drive positive change.