Road Maintenance Agreement Freddie Mac

Road Maintenance Agreement: A Key Consideration for Freddie Mac Borrowers

If you`re a borrower working with Freddie Mac, then you know how important it is to adhere to their underwriting standards. One of the criteria you may encounter is the requirement for a road maintenance agreement.

What is a Road Maintenance Agreement?

A road maintenance agreement is a legal contract between property owners, outlining the maintenance responsibilities for a shared private road or driveway. This agreement is important because it ensures that everyone who uses the road or driveway contributes to its upkeep and works together to keep it in good condition.

Why Does Freddie Mac Require a Road Maintenance Agreement?

Freddie Mac requires a road maintenance agreement for properties that are accessed by a private road or driveway, as it affects the value and marketability of the property. Without a road maintenance agreement, the likelihood of disputes and disagreements over maintenance and repair costs increases, which can lead to a decrease in the value of the property.

Additionally, a poorly maintained road or driveway can pose safety hazards, which can impact the borrower’s ability to repay the loan on the property. Therefore, Freddie Mac requires this agreement to mitigate any potential risks and to ensure the borrower maintains a safe, functional, and profitable property.

What Should Be Included in a Road Maintenance Agreement?

A road maintenance agreement should outline the specific responsibilities of each property owner or stakeholder involved in the maintenance of the shared road or driveway. Some important elements to consider include:

– A clear description of the shared road or driveway in question

– A description of the maintenance responsibilities for each property owner involved

– Specifics on how maintenance costs will be divided (e.g., equal shares, per lot size, etc.)

– Clauses on the process for dispute resolution between property owners

– A provision to ensure that the road or driveway is maintained to a minimum standard of safety and usability


If you`re a borrower working with Freddie Mac, a road maintenance agreement is an important consideration for your property. By ensuring that everyone involved in the shared road or driveway works together to maintain it properly, you can avoid disputes and safety hazards that can negatively impact the value of your property. Talk to a real estate attorney or your mortgage lender to ensure that you have a comprehensive agreement in place that meets Freddie Mac`s requirements, and protects your property and investment.