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At HackersUnskool, we have over 7.6k members in our community.
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I’ve trained more than 16,000+ students, including sessions at IIT-Hyderabad and BITS.
Over 25k learners rated my teaching 9.6 out of 10.
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At HackersUnskool, we have over 7.6k members in our community.
0 K
I’ve trained more than 16,000+ students, including sessions at IIT-Hyderabad and BITS.
Over 25k learners rated my teaching 9.6 out of 10.

What will you learn in the course?👇

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
  • Introduction of Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
  • How to Install Kali Linux in Windows in Vmware
  • Basic Kali Linux Commands Every Hacker Must Know
  • How to Discover any Domian information
  • Network Information Gathering ( How many devices connected in our network)
  • Website’s Email’s & Sub-domain Information Gathering Advanced Tool
  • How to Gather Information Using Wappalyzer
  • Nmap Complete Network Port Scanning & Service Scanning
  • What is VPN & Proxy Explained ?
  • How to Configure Proxy in Web Browser (Hiding Identity)
  • How to Change Your Identity in Internet Using VPN ( Hide IP Address)
  • Google Hacking & How Google Dorks will works (Hackers Techniques)
  • Email Spoofing ( How hackers will send you spoofing emails)
  • Call Spoofing ( How Hackers will call you with your number)
  • Ddos Attack Practically Down any Website Using Ddos attack
Forensis & Crime Investigation
  • What is Digital Forensis Explained
  • Process of Crime Analysis how will works
  • What is Time Stamp & how will use in forensis
  • (Forensis Copy Method) How to Copy anyfiles without changing metadata
  • How to Recovery Web browser Passwords Using tools
  • How to Extract Location from any Image File
  • How to extract Metadata from any file (Crime data Analysis)
  • How to View What is the Last Activity of Victam in there system
  • (Data Recovery in Forensis) How to Recovery deleted data from system or pendrive, harddisks
  • Analysis of Victam Data Using Real World Tools
  • Victam Browser Data Forensic Analysis
  • Complete OS Forensic Analysis ( Ram usages & Logs Analysis etc)
Social Engineering (Art of Hacking)
  • Art of Creating Undetectable Phishing Pages
  • Modern technique of Hacking Social Media without touching
  • Advanced Social Engineering technique by RA ( Art of Hacking)
  • Art of Windows Hacking Using Image file Advance Tool
  • All Social Engineering Tools for Free
  • Learn How to start own web server
  • Modern Phishing Pages to Hack Social Media
Cryptography & Steganography
  • what is cryptography explained ?
  • What is Cipher Text and Plain Text Explained
  • Develop your own cipher text
  • How to Encrypt any Plain text into Encrypted
  • Hackers Techniques Hiding Data Inside an Image File (Steganography)
  • How really hackers will encrypt any thing in they system
  • How to Encrypt our Computer DISK No one can access it ( Encrypting entire disk )
  • Hide any type of Data inside Audio file ( Advance Techniques of Hackers )
  • Without any tools we can encrypt anything
  • All Cryptography & Steganography Tools for FREE
Blackhat Android Hacking course
  • Advanced Blackhat Android Phone Hacking technique
  • Real World Android Hacking Paid Tools
  • How We can Control any Android Phone without Touching
  • How to Bind any apk in payload ( Android Hacking Using Instagram App )
  • How to Bypass Google Play Protect Real World Hacking
  • Lifetime Free Port Forwarding Techniques
  • Android Hacking with Powerful RATS
Bug Bounty Hunting course
  • What is Web Application Testing
  • What is Bug Bounty Explained
  • Setup Testing Lab in Kali Linux
  • How to Find Bugs in Live Website’s
  • File Upload Vulnerability (Low Security)
  • Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
  • Bypass any Website’s Login Pages  ( Real World Hacking )
  • What is Cross-Site-Scripting Vulnerability ?
  • File Upload Vulnerability (Medium Security)
  • Practical Reflected XSS Vulnerability
  • (Most Dangerous Vuln) Stored XXS Vulnerability
  • Insecure URL Redirect Vulnerability
  • What is SQL Injection ?
  • Extract User & Pass Database in Live Website’s  ( Live Real World Website )
  • Automated Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
  • Install Automated Tools to find Vulnerability
  • How to Earn Moeny from finding bugs in Live website’s
  • How to Participate in Bug Bounty Program
  • How to Submit Vulnerability Report
  • How to Write Bug Bounty Report Effectively
DarkNet & Deep Web Course
  • What is Darkweb & DeepWeb
  • How to install tor browser in windows
  • How to find Darkweb & Deepweb links
  • Complete Guide to access Darkweb & DeepWeb
  • Most famous deep web search engine
  • Dark web resources links 2021
Practical Malware Analysis Course
  • What is Malware’s ?
  • What is Virus, Worm, Trojan & how it will works
  • What is Sandboxie Why we use it
  • What is Static Malware Analysis & how it will works
  • What is Dynamic Malware Analysis & How it will works
  • Practical Static Malware Analysis
  • Practical Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • How Antivirus will works ?
  • Malware Analysis Without Running any type of Virus, Trojan (how to remove it)
  • Hackers Techniques -How to find Hacker IP Address (When your computer is Hacked)
  • How to run safely virus & worms, trojan without effect to your system
  • If your computer is Hacked then how to recovery Hacked System
  • How to use PETools for Malware Analysis
  • Learn how Malware will works & how to remove it
Metasploit on Kali Linux course
  • What is Metasploit Framework Explained ?
  • How to Install Metasploit Framework
  • Mastery in Metasploit Framework Using Exploits & Payload creation
  • Information Gathering Using Metasploit Framework
  • Network Port Scanning Using Metasploit Framework
  • How to Create any type Payload in Metasploit
  • Gaining Access Windows Computer using Metasploit
  • How to Control Hacked Windows Computer Using Meterpreter

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Lakki Ram

Cyber Security MSC

I believe that hacking is one of the toughest courses out there. but I found Ranjith Adlakadi Telugu course affordable and high-quality. The teaching was excellent, with clear explanations for any questions. I highly recommend HackersUnskool platform to anyone interested in hacking.


Working Professional

I don’t usually write reviews, but I had to for this course! It’s the best thing I’ve ever found! 🤩 I still have 12% left, but I have to thank Ranjith for setting it up—it’s amazing! He’s a great teacher and hacker. Can’t wait to finish! Thanks again, Ranjith! You’re awesome! 😊

Mani Prudhvi

Electrical Engineer

I recently joined the Pro Hacking With RA course and it surpassed my expectations! 🤠 Each module is well-crafted with theory and hands-on exercises. I highly recommend this ethical hacking course for anyone interested. Ranjith Adlakadi and the support team were outstanding. 🙌 Thank you HackersUnskool team😊


Ethical Hacking Enthusiast

Hi friends, I’m Naveen from Vijayawada. Initially, I doubted due to the many ads and wasted money. I love hacking for its curiosity. Finally, I found trustworthy Ranjith Telugu courses. Clear explanations and patient teaching, even at midnight, were invaluable. Thankful HackersUnskool team for the help received.

Instructed by

Ranjith Adlakadi

Certified Ethical Hacker, Author, Mentor, and Founder of HackersUnskool
Hi, I am Ranjith Adlakadi.
I am an ethical hacker, cybersecurity researcher, and mentor. I just love hacking and breaking the rules, but don’t get me wrong as I said I am an ethical hacker.
At HackersUnskool, we educate people about cyber fraud and attacks through workshops on the latest trends in cybersecurity. My mission is to educate 10 million internet users about cyber threats. I also help startups secure their networks and protect data from cyber attacks, which are increasingly common.
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When does the course start and finish?
The content is already live right now. It’s a self paced course, so you can watch it anytime you want.
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Absolutely! You’ll get access to all the paid tools included in the course at no extra cost.
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No. We don’t provide refunds in any case. If you are not sure about the course, check out the testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision.
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You’ll have lifetime access! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. You can also watch the lessons when you want.
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Yes! I do. Email me : for details.
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You will get access to all the bonuses after enrolling the course.